Workshop curriculum

    1. Video Presentation: Welcome

    2. Slide Presentation: Overview RLH Fundamentals Training Program

    3. Slide Presentation: RLH On Demand

    4. Slide Presentation: Four Steps to Begin

    5. RLH On-Demand Self-Guided Training Tips

    6. Video Presentation: Module I

    7. Practice Activity: Picture One Youth and Family

    8. RLH Tool: RLH Resiliency-focused Assessment & Treatment Plan

    9. Video Presentation: Working with Youths Who Have Experienced Complex Trauma

    10. Slide Presentation: Complex Trauma Research & Diagnosis

    11. Video Presentation: Utilizing Research on Complex PTSD/DTD & Diagnostic Categories

    12. Video Presentation: Critical challenges: Dropouts and Inclusion

    13. Video Presentation: RLH Overview

    14. Video Presentation: RLH Core Components

    15. Video Presentation: Raymond

    16. Supplementary Video Presentation: HEROES Project Research & Feedback Youths and Parents

    17. PPT pdf: RLH Fundamentals: Getting Started (Module I)

    18. Quick Quiz: RLH Fundamentals Module I (Note: Please use PPT pdf above)

    19. Feedback Survey: Module 1

    20. Recommended Reading: Complex Trauma White Paper

    21. Recommended Reading: When Nowhere is Safe

    22. Recommended Reading: Evaluation of RLH

    1. Video Presentation: Transforming Trauma Therapy Into a Journey

    2. Slide Presentation: What Happens When We Read or Write a Story.pdf

    3. Video Presentation: 'The Hero's Journey'; Lessons from Stories of Heroes

    4. Video Presentation: The Healing Power of Life Stories

    5. Slide Presentation: Stages of the Hero's Journey Applied to Trauma Therapy

    6. Video Presentation: Developmentally-Guided Therapy with Inspiring Heroes

    7. Video Presentation: Incorporating the 'Hero's Journey' in RLH

    8. PPT pdf: RLH Fundamentals: Transforming Trauma Therapy Into a Journey (Module II)

    9. Quick Quiz: Utilizing the 'Hero's Journey' in Complex Trauma Therapy (Note: Please use Module II ppt pdf)

    10. Feedback Survey: Module II

    11. Recommended Reading: Transforming Troubled Children

    12. Recommended Reading: Application of Hero's Journey in RLH

    1. Video Presentation: First Sessions; Starting the Journey

    2. Reflection: First Messages

    3. Video Presentation: Promoting a Therapeutic Alliance with Diverse Youths & Families

    4. Video Presentation: Broadening Assessment-Driven Trauma Therapy

    5. Slide Presentation: Step by Step: Introductions, Staying Within the 'Window of Tolerance'

    6. Practice Activity: First Messages

    7. Video Presentation: Three Tools for Relationally-Focused Assessments

    8. RLH Tools: Circles of Caring

    9. RLH Tools: My Thermometers

    10. RLH Tools: What's Important in My Life

    11. Practice Activity: Practice Using the 'Circles of Caring' and 'My Thermometers'

    12. Video Presentation: Standardized Trauma Assessments

    13. Supplementary Trauma Assessment Tool: Complex Trauma Exposure Screen (NYS)

    14. Supplementary Trauma Assessment Tool: Developmental Trauma Disorder Structured Interview Child & Youth Instrument

    15. Supplementary Trauma Assessment Tool: Developmental Trauma Disorder Structured Interview Parent-Caregiver Instrument

    16. Supplementary Trauma Screening Tool: CTAC Trauma Screening Checklist Revised (0-5 & 6-18)

    17. Supplementary Slide Presentation: Standardized Trauma Assessments

    18. Video Presentation: Tracing Lines of Caring

    19. Slide Presentation: Attachment Patterns

    20. Video Presentation: Attachment Assessment and Intervention Strategies

    21. Practice Activity: Primary Attachments

    22. Video Presentation: Following the Light, Learning From the 'Unsaid'

    23. Practice Activity: Drawings

    24. Video Presentation: Multidimensional Assessment & Differential Treatment Planning

    25. RLH Tool: Multidimensional Assessment & Differential Treatment Planning Guide (NCTSN Guiding Stars Project)

    26. Practice Activity: Application of Multidimensional Assessment & Differential Treatment Plan

    27. Video Presentation: Challenging Messages

    28. Practice Activity: Developing Strategies for Common Challenges

    29. Video Presentation: Setting Priorities & Collaborative Therapy Planning

    30. Practice Activity: Updated Assessment & Therapy Plan for the Youth & Family You Are Working With

    31. Supplementary Practice Activity: Sofia Assessment & Therapy Planning

    32. PPT pdf: Expanding Engagement and Inclusion with Resiliency-focused Assessments & Collaborative Therapy Planning (Module III)

    33. Quick Quiz: Expanding Engagement with Resiliency-focused Assessments & Collaborative Therapy Planning (Note: Please use ppt pdf for Module III as a resource.)

    34. Feedback Survey: Module III

    1. Video Presentation: Chapter One; Introducing the RLH Life Storybook

    2. Practice Activity: Introducing the RLH Life Storybook

    3. Video Presentation: The Pledge; Engaging Parents/Caregivers

    4. Practice Activity: The Pledge

    5. Video Presentation: Session Structure

    6. RLH Tool: Progress Note (Abbreviated Version)

    7. Video Presentation:Session Practice Tips

    8. Workshop Tip: Magical Moments

    9. Video Presentation: Magic Starter Kit Part 1

    10. Video Presentation: Magic Starter Kit Part 2

    11. Video Presentation: Magic Starter Kit Part 3

    12. Workshop Tip: The Magic of Peacocks

    13. Video Presentation: Matching Centering Activities to Youths & Parents/Caregivers

    14. Slide Presentation: Centering Activities for Chapter One

    15. Slide Presentation: Trauma & Resilience Psychoeducation (Chapter One)

    16. Practice Activity: SOS Picture Power Card

    17. SOS Picture Power Card

    18. Slide Presentation: Chapter One Continued

    19. Practice Activity: Safety First Card

    20. Safety First Card

    21. Supplementary Slide Presentation: Lessons from Dogs & Cats

    22. Workshop Tip: Trauma 101 for Use with Parents/Caregivers

    23. Supplementary Video Presentation: Trauma 101 for Use with Parents/Caregivers

    24. RLH Tool: Trauma Symptoms & Brain Development

    25. RLH Tools: The Hero's Mask & The Hero's Mask Guidebook

    26. Psychoeducational Resource: What is Complex Trauma? A Resource Guide for Youth and Those Who Care About Them

    27. Psychoeducational Resource: Turning the Tide: Parenting in the Wake of Past Trauma

    28. Psychoeducational Resource: NCTSN Resources for Parent/Caregiver Psychoeducation

    29. Supplementary Video Presentation: What Can We Learn from Baby Rats?

    30. Supplementary Video Presentation: What Can We Learn from Baby Rats; Study Results

    31. Practice Activity: Sharing What You Know About Traumatic Stress

    32. Slide Presentation: Introducing Mirroring Using the RLH Session Structure

    33. Supplementary Video Demonstration: Mirroring Role Play for RLH Session Structure

    34. RLH Tool: SOS Picture Card (for Mirroring Practice)

    35. Practice Activity: Mirroring to Strengthen or Build Attunement, Validation & Trust

    36. PPT pdf: RLH Life Storybook Chapter One (Module IV)

    37. Quick Quiz: Trauma & Resilience Psycho Education & Initial Safety Plans; RLH Chapter One (Module IV)

    38. Feedback Survey: Module IV

    1. Video Presentation: Chapter Two; Recognizing and Expressing Feelings

    2. Slide Presentation: Centering Activities for Chapter Two

    3. Slide Presentation: Evoking Feelings with Body Positions, Movement & Music

    4. Video Presentation: Chapter Two Life Storybook Pages

    5. Slide Presentation: Promoting Creative Expression

    6. Inside Outside Feelings Worksheets for Practice Activity

    7. Practice Activity: Hidden Feelings

    8. PPT pdf: RLH Life Storybook Chapter Two (Module V)

    9. Quick Quiz: Recognizing & Expressing Emotions; Chapter Two (Module V)

    10. Feedback Survey; Module V

    1. Video Presentation: Chapter Three; Rekindling Hope & Inspiring Change with Hero Stories

    2. Slide Presentation: Centering Skill Development for Chapter Three

    3. Video Presentation: Following Clues from Children to Stories of Overcoming

    4. Slide Presentation: Working with Heroes Who Say or Do Offensive Things

    5. Supplementary Video Presentation: Real Heroes in our Lives

    6. Video Presentation: Parents/Caregivers and Children as Heroes

    7. Practice Activity: Troubled Children as Wounded Angels; Shining a Light on Unaddressed Danger

    8. Video Presentation: Superhero Risks for Therapists

    9. Video Presentation: Chapter Three Life Storybook Pages

    10. Slide Presentation: Adaptations of Chapter Three for Adolescents

    11. Practice Activity: Hero Qualities Shown By the Youth You Are Working With

    12. PPT pdf: RLH Life Storybook Chapter Three (Module VI)

    13. Quick Quiz: Inspiring Hope and Change with Hero Stories; RLH Life Storybook Chapter Three (Module VI)

    14. Feedback Survey: Module VI

    15. Reflection: Musical Inspiration

    16. Workshop Tip: Congratulations

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